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The Spring Summer Collection 2019

Memories of endless summers are evoked in the new Broste collection, which celebrates strong colours, clever shapes and the infinite beauty of sunlight.

Most people have a strong recollection of their childhood summers – the sweet taste of strawberries or watermelon, the feeling of walking barefoot through wet grass after early morning rain, how the sunlight would change during the day, leaving shadows dancing silently on living room walls. Most of our memories are tied to sensory experiences – a fragrance, a taste, a certain light, or a soft touch against the skin – that brings back long gone moments in the blink of an eye. As such, memories are evoked by the same things that inspire us in the design process and makes our work meaningful. It’s all about how a certain fabric feels soft and luxurious when held against the skin, how the glaze of a ceramic vase reflects the sunlight in a million beautiful ways, or which wild flowers and berries will create the perfect harmony when distilled and poured into the wax of a scented candle.

This collection from Broste Copenhagen is our tribute to summer – to happiness and holiday spirit, to the seemingly endless, sunny days spent with the ones we love, and to the miracle of nature when everything around us bursts into bloom. The fragrances, the light, the shapes and the textures of summer flood through the collection, and give it an overall atmosphere of lightness, joy and optimism. Colours are carefully chosen to highlight this mood: strong, vibrant and spicy tones that are juxtaposed with light, pastel hues. The same principle of opposites applies when it comes to the shapes of vases, ceramics, trays and other home accessories that are either sharply outlined or artistically organic with rough surfaces and a crafty look. And as always, the collection brings you to every room in your home – from the kitchen utensils and teapot in your cupboard to the cushions and throws in the corner of your sofa. Additionally, this season we have the pleasure of introducing two brand new tableware ranges for those long, starlit summer nights when you gather around the table with friends and family.

We invite you to join us on our summer journey.